How to Make a Website With Google

If you want to make your own website, Google Sites is an excellent place to start. This tool lets you make free wikis and webpages as part of the Google Apps suite. It makes it possible for just about anyone to make a website that allows people to collaborate and share their files, as well as allowing standard personal sites. Google Sites offers 100 Mb of storage for free accounts and may be too limited for advanced users, but it’s just right for many people building their first website. Here’s a look at the process of making your own site using Google. kodulehe tegemine

Signing up – If you want to create your own Google-based website, you’ll need to start with a Google account. If you already have Gmail, use Google+, or manage your files using Google Drive, you just need to sign into your existing account to get started. If you don’t use any Google services yet, you can click “Sign Up for Sites” to enter your personal data and get your own account. After you sign up, log into the new Google account to start building your website.

Building the site – Once you’re logged in, simply click “Create Site” and you’ll be asked for your new site name, a description of the website, some information about your intended content, and other data. From there, you can start adding text, pictures and other content. You’ll start with just one home page, but you can add as many as you like; you’re only limited by the storage space that Google offers.

Choosing templates – Sites includes a number of templates for basic types of sites. You’ll need to pick one for your page, but there are plenty to choose from. Readily-available options include church templates, sites designed for classroom teachers, political site templates, templates designed for contractors and other business owners, and even templates for sharing family photos and videos. If you have a little web design experience, you can even adapt the templates for your own purposes. Just edit the pictures and other resources found under the “Template Assets” heading.

Control information access – Because Google Sites allows you to build wikis and other interactive sites, it also allows you to control which users have access to the information on those sites. Once you’ve built your website using Google, the next step is to decide which users you will allow, then adjust access and sharing settings accordingly. Once this is done, your website is ready to go!


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